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Regaining Healing Surges

HP is an abstract representation of ones will to endure pain and stress. If a person is stabbed, they are not going to wake up the next day feeling like nothing happened!

At the end of an extended rest, you regain a number of healing surges equal to 1+ your Constitution modifier (no hit points are regained, and a minimum of 1 healing surge is gained). Being in the care of someone who makes a DC 15 Heal check (DC 20 if you are attempting to heal yourself) adds an additional healing surge. Full rest (i.e. bedrest or very light duty) for a 24-hour period also grants an additional healing surge. These benefits all stack.

Leveling Up

In the real world you don’t just suddenly gain the ability to do something you were oblivious to before, so it takes a little work to Level up.

If you have enough XP to level up, your character must set aside time to level up. The time needed is equal to (One Day x New Level). So becoming level 3 would require 3 days.

In this time your character should train, or study, or whatever in order to gain the new abilities granted by leveling.

With each leveling up the DM must see and approve a journal entry explaining what happened in these days of training on your character page.

Reckless Breakage

Metal is extremely scarce on Athas, so most weapons are made of bones, wood, bits of obsidian, and whatever else can be found that might prove useful.

If a player rolls a Critical Failure (Natural 1) on an attack roll with a weapon that the DM has not deemed “unbreakable” you have the option to break your weapon and roll again to see if any damage can be done with what is left of the weapon. The weapon then becomes an “improvised weapon.”

Kindrok swings his obsidian lined bastard sword at the elf raider (attack roll 1d20 = Natural 1). The elf manages to deflect the sword with his tortoise shell gauntlet, however Kindrok is persistent (he rolls again, 1d20 = 19). He follows through the swing as his sword breaks and manages to jab the elf with what is left of his sword. The hilt with some wood and a few pieces of obsidian are now an improvised weapon (1d4 damage dice).

If Kindrok chose to break the sword and still missed on the second roll, the weapon would break and be an improvised weapon.


The ability to read and write is often associated with defiling magic.

If you have an intelligence score below 8 you are automatically illiterate. If you are able to know two languages, you can forfeit the second language to be literate in your primary language. Otherwise, you are only able to speak two languages but you are still illiterate. If you have an intelligence score of 18 or higher you can be literate in two languages.

Fixed Enhancement Bonuses

Fixed Enhancement Bonuses (p. 209, Dark Sun Campaign Setting) are implemented. Make sure you consult this table when leveling up your character.

Player Expenditures

Some games are more relaxed about this, but on Athas, keeping track of your water, food, arrows, and various other expenditures is crucial. Keep in mind that since weapons are generally made from common items it is not too hard to fashion things such as arrows and daggers, or repair broken weapons. You will just have to take an appropriate amount of time to do so. Running out of water while days away from a known source can lead to a long and agonizing death. Depending on where you are, properly identified cacti can provide a temporary source of hydration. I expect you as the player to keep track of these things and know when it’s time to forage for food/water or take the time to repair your equipment.

New Ritual

Restful Slumber
You speak soothing words to your friends before they take their rest, and they awaken refreshed and ready for adventure.

Level: 1
Component Cost: 1 gp/target
Category: Restoration
Market Price: 10 gp
Time: 10 minutes
Key Skill: Heal (no check)
Duration: Special

When you touch and speak to your allies before an extended rest, when they complete their extended rest they will recover all their healing surges and hit points. If a character does not complete his extended rest within 24 hours after casting, he will not receive the benefits of this ritual. You can target up to 10 creatures with this ritual, including yourself.

Absence of Posting

If you are going to be absent from posting for a number of days notice should be given. It is a courtesy to the DM (which will now be referred to as “I” or “me”) and the other players for them to know why you are not contributing to the game. If three days pass and you do not post or give a reason for not posting, your character will become property of me. If it turns out to have been an emergency preventing you from posting, informing me as soon as possible will prevent you from being removed from the game. If there is no excuse, or you are frequently absent, I will remove you from the game.

House Rules

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