Divine Classes

Gods do not exist on Athas, or they just don’t care about you or anything else going on. If you wish to play a divine character you must be an Elemental Priest.

Elemental Priests have made pacts with the element they control. Each element has a specific role, so they are limited to certain classes. You can not have pacts with multiple elements, so multi-classisg between these is not an option.

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Only pay attention to the flavor of that book, and not the mechanics. For now I am only allowing Elemental Clerics, and not Paraelemental clerics. This could change either with time or through discussion with me about what you think would fit well for the paraelementals.

The class combinations with each elemental are as listed:

Fire – Striker – Avenger

“The most feared and unpredictable of the Athasian clerics
are those of the Elemental Plane of Fire. Some say these
individuals become crazed during initiation, and others say
that one must be insane to petition the destructive lords of
flame in the first place. Whatever the reason for their erratic
nature, fire clerics are the most powerful and the most
destructive of the elemental priests.”

Air – Controller – Invoker

Clerics who make pacts with the denizens of the Plane of
Air are perhaps the most misunderstood of all the elemental clerics.
They are wanderers, diviners, travelers, and mystics.
There are those who even call them frauds, but not to their faces.

Earth – Defender – Paladin

Rock, sand, trees, silt: everything of earth is raw material for
earth clerics. It is their duty to protect and preserve these,
and they constantly strive to enrich and shield the harsh
wastes of Athas.

Water – Leader – Cleric

The champions of the dying Plane of Water are few; their
lords barely able to empower them. But those who underestimate
them are mistaken, for although the champions of
water are given less power than most, they are far more
desperate, and far more vengeful.

Divine Classes

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