There are multiple calendars on Athas. For simplicity I will usually refer to the Tyrian Free Year calendar. This is outlined on page 15 of the DSCS. It is in no way necessary for you to know the date, since most Athasians don’t bother or just ask their friendly templars when big events are going to happen. I also have a bad habit of not paying attention. Occasionally it matters, such as during Festivals, and to know at what point in the year you are dealing with “Summer” and “Fracking Hell, it’s hot! Summer”

The current date is:

K.A. 190.26 (F.Y.1) – Priest’s Defiance – Assalia 1st

DSCS MC Star sign Notes
High Sun
Sorrow Hoard Scratch the Basilisk
Smolder Flagstaad Krawler the Kank
Festival of the Highest Sun Zenalia on the cusp High Sun festival
Scorch Dominary Balimarash the Caravan Highest sun, the start of the year
Morrow Sedulous Fiddle the Beetle
Sun Descending
Rest Fortuary Hesper the Kenku
Gather Macro Saurus the Lizard
Festival of the Cooling Sun Dessalia on the cusp Sun Descending festival
Breeze Fifthover Hortle the Spider
Mist Hexameron Sylk the Wyrm
Sun Ascending
Bloom Morrow Tasker the Scorpion Lowest sun, the midpoint of the year
Haze Octavus Pyrus the Wheel
Festival of the Soaring Sun Assalia on the cusp Sun Ascending festival
Hoard Thaumast The Dragon
Wind Anabasis Tyrospur the Lion


Madrius Dark Sun madrius