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On The Mend

On The Mend entry 5 post slavery (As before with the rumor mill as it is I have decided to share this entry. Please be aware that these are the events as they took place, and not necessarily how you may have heard them.)

I only awoke from my delirium yesterday. This years primus is no longer within my grasp. As a matter of fact, this years primus has already taken place. It is my fault though. I underestimated Tunsk’s desire for glory in the arena. What was meant to be a simple sparing session with our wooden practice weapons, became a session of me using a wooden practice weapon, and Tunsk drawing two concealed daggers. Which normally wouldn’t have been much of a problem….he got a lucky shot with his shield to the side of my skull, which muddled my reflexes. Before I had a chance to react I felt the cold bite of a blade piercing downward through my neck. Followed quickly by another into my stomach. The bastard even twisted the blade in an attempt to seal my fate. With that little stunt Master Tulious was furious, and it cost Tunsk his spot in the primus as well. House Tulious had to withdraw it’s bid for the primus. We had no one left capable of standing against the Gaul of Athus. I have been on the mend almost 6 months now, and I am just coming back to the waking world.

The young lady treating my wounds has informed me it will be at least another year of recovery before I am even in shape to begin my gladiator training again. Six months on this stone slab that passed for a bed have cause my muscles to atrophy. I have become weak. To weak to even stand on my own legs. All together, to get back to the physical peak I was at, it is going to take me another two and a half, to three years. Then I must push my body past the limits previously set, if I am to have any hope of freeing my family, myself or anyone else. I need to rest. To regain my strength. For as soon as I am well, Tunsk will feel my wraith. It is going to be a long road. I will finally have to learn patience. Father will be pleased. I just hope my sister lasts that long.


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On The Mend

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