Madrius Dark Sun

Narin's Journal- Level 3

Not leaving the city was probably the hardest thing for me. I am use to not having company except for the spirits and since most of the town might suspect me of being a defiler I have decided to keep out of the way. As much as I wanted to leave, I have decided to stay at the edge of Altaruk and communes with the spirits outside of the city.

Many spirits do not like the city but some do investigate and I enjoy their company. I am not ever truely alone since spirits can live anywhere. The most I can do now is learn from them. They carry the secrets of the past and have whisperings of what has yet to come. They teach me how to protect my allies and defeat my foes. Together we will bring forth the next green age and hopefully repair this world to what it once was.

Level 3:
Gain Spring Renewal Strike (Shamen encounter power)



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