Madrius Dark Sun

Griffin's Journal - Level 3

That was different, Griffin thought to himself as he walked away from the slaver. I have never used my powers to directly influence someone like that. I’ll have to experiment some more. Too bad I just got rid of Tulious, he would have made a good test subject. Griffin wanders around Altaruk some more and comes upon a group of traders. He pauses to listen to their negotiations. Griffin spends a bit of time attempting to influence the negotiation for one side and then the other.

Slowly, his influence seems to manifest in their conversations. Curious to see what else he could do with this newfound power, he wanders into a tavern. Watching the patrons drinking, he begins to push his will on a burly human. He provokes the man to strike hi drinking buddy. Throughout the barfight, Griffin practices this talent. Inciting friends to hit each other and causing a tremendous amount of mayhem. He quietly slips out the door before the guards arrive.

Well, that was an adventure. Griffin grins broadly as he walks down the dusty street. I need a plan to get me out of here. Not that I really like work with the slavers, but he did have a valid point. I should learn to use my skills for a more pecuniary reward. Griffin takes a few turns and locates another group of traders. Over the next few days, he visits regularly and starts to build rapport with several traders. He uses his new found skills to build his network of traders, keeping mental track of who, what when and where goods are moving.

By the time he is due to fight in the arena, Griffin has established a reasonably good network of contacts trading a variety of goods throughout the region. He is confident in his new talent to provoke his enemies to attack whomever he wishes. Grinning again to himself, Griffin reconnects with the dwarves and Amala to see how they have been doing.

Level 3:
gain Provocative Order (Warlord 3 power)
swap Mind Thrust with Betrayal
Assume Dune Trader theme
Retrain Level 2 Utility for Slick Negotiator (Dune Trader theme)



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