Madrius Dark Sun


Anyone can make one!

This is a place where you can post adventure logs, or “journal entries” if you are ok with them being public. If you publish something here make sure to put the name of your character in the Tag line so I know who’s perspective it is from, and so it’s easy to access later on once we get more posts. Everything can be edited by any member of this campaign. You don’t have to make an announcement of what you edited if you do, because Obsidian Portal is so great it keeps a log of all the changes that are made to each wiki entry. That’s right, the entire sight is essentially one big Wiki site!

Also, at the end of this field, make a “posted by” signature. You do this by typing:

Posted by “your name”:

Just make sure to delete the space between the : and the http. If you are still confused, you can always click the “edit” button and see how I coded my signature.

Posted by madrius



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