Madrius Dark Sun

Amala's Journal Level 3

Thank the desert sun the people of Altaruk didn’t discover my true nature. No not I’m not talking about my dragon nature, but that of the defiler. Since my exodus with the Griffin, Korgoth, Darus and his son, I have learned once again what it means to trust. For so many years I lived under the oppressive arm of Nibaney that I forgot what it meant to be normal. If normal is a possibility for a Dray.

Darus was a target of the Templar wives because of his association with the Veiled Alliance. Once I heard of the connection, I had to intervene. I knew that the alliance was able to channel the energy from the world without defiling it. Unfortunately I can only destroy and not preserve. If only I could find them, I may be able to gain power with out destroying.

The first fight we had against the Gith and the Kirre, I feel that my usefulness has been established. It was a tough fight but definitely showcased what we were all capable of. The second fight against the Kruthick was a little harder. I nearly died but if it wasn’t for the powers and abilities of my companions, I wouldn’t be here today. After that fight though, I sensed a certain connection with Korgoth, and it only got stronger after the fight with the ssurran. However just when I thought I was gaining the trust of Darus to help me find the Veiled Alliance the ssurran leader may have shatter that trust with his psionic trickery.

Soon after we find ourselves here in Altaruk. Certainly a nation that fears the unknown and defilers. They hole themselves up in their fortress and jump to insane conclusions and accuse innocents of being that which would destroy. If only they knew.

Last night I dreamt however. Something in my soul. In the very core of my being revealed itself to me. I don’t understand it but I think I can conjure a claw of acid with but a gesture of my hands. So what could be the possibility? I think I will find out soon enough.

Gained Acid Claw arcane power encounter 3



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