Madrius Dark Sun

Amala's Journal Level 3

Thank the desert sun the people of Altaruk didn’t discover my true nature. No not I’m not talking about my dragon nature, but that of the defiler. Since my exodus with the Griffin, Korgoth, Darus and his son, I have learned once again what it means to trust. For so many years I lived under the oppressive arm of Nibaney that I forgot what it meant to be normal. If normal is a possibility for a Dray.

Darus was a target of the Templar wives because of his association with the Veiled Alliance. Once I heard of the connection, I had to intervene. I knew that the alliance was able to channel the energy from the world without defiling it. Unfortunately I can only destroy and not preserve. If only I could find them, I may be able to gain power with out destroying.

The first fight we had against the Gith and the Kirre, I feel that my usefulness has been established. It was a tough fight but definitely showcased what we were all capable of. The second fight against the Kruthick was a little harder. I nearly died but if it wasn’t for the powers and abilities of my companions, I wouldn’t be here today. After that fight though, I sensed a certain connection with Korgoth, and it only got stronger after the fight with the ssurran. However just when I thought I was gaining the trust of Darus to help me find the Veiled Alliance the ssurran leader may have shatter that trust with his psionic trickery.

Soon after we find ourselves here in Altaruk. Certainly a nation that fears the unknown and defilers. They hole themselves up in their fortress and jump to insane conclusions and accuse innocents of being that which would destroy. If only they knew.

Last night I dreamt however. Something in my soul. In the very core of my being revealed itself to me. I don’t understand it but I think I can conjure a claw of acid with but a gesture of my hands. So what could be the possibility? I think I will find out soon enough.

Gained Acid Claw arcane power encounter 3

Narin's Journal- Level 3

Not leaving the city was probably the hardest thing for me. I am use to not having company except for the spirits and since most of the town might suspect me of being a defiler I have decided to keep out of the way. As much as I wanted to leave, I have decided to stay at the edge of Altaruk and communes with the spirits outside of the city.

Many spirits do not like the city but some do investigate and I enjoy their company. I am not ever truely alone since spirits can live anywhere. The most I can do now is learn from them. They carry the secrets of the past and have whisperings of what has yet to come. They teach me how to protect my allies and defeat my foes. Together we will bring forth the next green age and hopefully repair this world to what it once was.

Level 3:
Gain Spring Renewal Strike (Shamen encounter power)

Griffin's Journal - Level 3

That was different, Griffin thought to himself as he walked away from the slaver. I have never used my powers to directly influence someone like that. I’ll have to experiment some more. Too bad I just got rid of Tulious, he would have made a good test subject. Griffin wanders around Altaruk some more and comes upon a group of traders. He pauses to listen to their negotiations. Griffin spends a bit of time attempting to influence the negotiation for one side and then the other.

Slowly, his influence seems to manifest in their conversations. Curious to see what else he could do with this newfound power, he wanders into a tavern. Watching the patrons drinking, he begins to push his will on a burly human. He provokes the man to strike hi drinking buddy. Throughout the barfight, Griffin practices this talent. Inciting friends to hit each other and causing a tremendous amount of mayhem. He quietly slips out the door before the guards arrive.

Well, that was an adventure. Griffin grins broadly as he walks down the dusty street. I need a plan to get me out of here. Not that I really like work with the slavers, but he did have a valid point. I should learn to use my skills for a more pecuniary reward. Griffin takes a few turns and locates another group of traders. Over the next few days, he visits regularly and starts to build rapport with several traders. He uses his new found skills to build his network of traders, keeping mental track of who, what when and where goods are moving.

By the time he is due to fight in the arena, Griffin has established a reasonably good network of contacts trading a variety of goods throughout the region. He is confident in his new talent to provoke his enemies to attack whomever he wishes. Grinning again to himself, Griffin reconnects with the dwarves and Amala to see how they have been doing.

Level 3:
gain Provocative Order (Warlord 3 power)
swap Mind Thrust with Betrayal
Assume Dune Trader theme
Retrain Level 2 Utility for Slick Negotiator (Dune Trader theme)



It has been three months. Three months of fighting and “training” for this moment. I fought in the arena and as always the beast overcame me. I can’t control it. My rage feeds on the blood of my enemies. These……gladiators, flunkies of the “king” felt my wrath and paid with their blood. Even now as I sit here drinking this yak piss do I spit on their grave. They are not worth honor in the halls of the mountain spirits. My axe tasted their flesh and… felt good to kill. I found Forgot in the market place. He has a plan to escape this dung heap. These people live in crowded huddles and among their own offal and piss. I long for the fresh mountain air and the grass of the plains. I desire the sterile sands of the desert and the sweet taste of freedom. This place…Nibeney is a cursed.

The clutch is dead. They fought with purpose and duty – sacrificed themselves so that the Host might live. Kree is dead. Kak-ka is dead. Everyone is dead. I am clutchless. It is strange.

Never quite alone, the Hive keeps my thoughts occupied. The primal spirit of a million generations of insects drone within my chitin – I am not alone – but the Hive is not a clutch. Their wishes too simple, their goals too primal. They do not value my life – I am only a vessel for them. They do not understand that this body must survive – they care nothing for my shell – but if I perish, so will they.

I must find a new clutch. They take me to Nibenay – to fight as a gladiator. The Hive relishes the chance to hunt again – but I take no pleasure. Hunting should not happen in a cage. I seek freedom. I seek a new clutch. There will be few of the true people, few of the Thri-Kreen in those slave pens in Nibenay. Will the mammals have hunters worthy of joining? Left alone with only the Hive within me, I feel I might perish – succumb to their base and primal desires – perhaps I will lose myself to the things that dwell within me.

Already it is difficult to resist their urges – already I spend too much time in the form of the Primal Hive. My chitin feels strange, as if it is not my true shape any longer. The mammals – slaves, captured things, mostly prey – but with luck there will be a few ants among the aphids. With my guidance, perhaps I can shape a new clutch – they will see it is for their own good.

I must remember who I am, I must contain the things within me. Do not succumb. Do not forget who I am.

I am Hakka, host of the Primal Hive. I am Hakka, one that communicates with the spirits of The Innumerable Swarm. I am Hakka… I am Hakka…

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On The Mend

On The Mend entry 5 post slavery (As before with the rumor mill as it is I have decided to share this entry. Please be aware that these are the events as they took place, and not necessarily how you may have heard them.)

I only awoke from my delirium yesterday. This years primus is no longer within my grasp. As a matter of fact, this years primus has already taken place. It is my fault though. I underestimated Tunsk’s desire for glory in the arena. What was meant to be a simple sparing session with our wooden practice weapons, became a session of me using a wooden practice weapon, and Tunsk drawing two concealed daggers. Which normally wouldn’t have been much of a problem….he got a lucky shot with his shield to the side of my skull, which muddled my reflexes. Before I had a chance to react I felt the cold bite of a blade piercing downward through my neck. Followed quickly by another into my stomach. The bastard even twisted the blade in an attempt to seal my fate. With that little stunt Master Tulious was furious, and it cost Tunsk his spot in the primus as well. House Tulious had to withdraw it’s bid for the primus. We had no one left capable of standing against the Gaul of Athus. I have been on the mend almost 6 months now, and I am just coming back to the waking world.

The young lady treating my wounds has informed me it will be at least another year of recovery before I am even in shape to begin my gladiator training again. Six months on this stone slab that passed for a bed have cause my muscles to atrophy. I have become weak. To weak to even stand on my own legs. All together, to get back to the physical peak I was at, it is going to take me another two and a half, to three years. Then I must push my body past the limits previously set, if I am to have any hope of freeing my family, myself or anyone else. I need to rest. To regain my strength. For as soon as I am well, Tunsk will feel my wraith. It is going to be a long road. I will finally have to learn patience. Father will be pleased. I just hope my sister lasts that long.


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Journal of Kaldor

ENTRY THREE: Gladiator Training: It appears that my crash course in fighting in a way I am niether used to nor talented in is through, and I am frankly not impressed my improvement in the art of killing with whatever weapons we may be let to have or greatly encouraged by my corrosponding chances of survival. What did I do to deserve this? Nothing! I did my duty with all my heart, and I never liked gladiaotor fights anyway, what?……nothing thats what, because there is no justice in this world. if I ever get out of here, I swear I’ll try to fix THAT sorry state of affairs.

First Day after Gladiator Training

Date: Who knows? Its the first night after my Gladiator training has finished. They only tell us the day so often down here.

The last few weeks have been gruelling. The rigorous training they put us through makes every part of your body burn in pain. I feel lucky however. My monastic training was just as gruelling as this.
My meditation is all that’s gotten me through this. And my burning hatred of those brown-nosing, power tripping, old gods be damned templars!

I need to control this fury. It is of no use to me blindly raging about me like a storm. The guards, and hell some of the more gung-ho gladiators will subdue me in no time if I tried anything drastic.

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